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Water Bottle With a Filter

Unlike carbon block filters that lose as much as 70 percent of their area to the adhesives that hold the block together our carbon has zero adhesives holding it in place. The pore sizes of carbon block based filters are too big to stop any protozoa, bacteria or virus. Yes they filter chlorine and some heavy metals. They basically improve the taste of water without properly filtering out any of the more serious contaminants that can get into water supplies from time to time.

Filters bacteria Addresses up to 99% of bacteria, viruses & harmful chemicals
Filter Our filter has been rigorously tested by a nationally certified laboratory.
Activflo technology
Our advanced filter media addresses the following contaminants that may be present in your water.
  • Metals & Chemicals

  • Viruses & Bacteria

  • Parasites and waterborne pathogens

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high performance

High Performance

The Fit Bottle is tested to filter 99.99998% of the major heavy metals in your drinking water.

Filters Viruses

Filters Viruses

Viruses are a major cause of human waterborne and water-related diseases. The Fit Bottle was designed for outdoor use, feel safe drinking out of a clear lake or stream.

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Filters Chemicals

The Fit Bottle also filters harmful chemicals including fluoride. Stay hydrated with clean water!

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Filters Bacteria

Bacteria and pathogens can be found in many water resources including lake or still water causing diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, headaches and more. The Fit Bottle filters up to 99.999%

Fit for anyone, anywhere, any water!

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